George Carleton

Vice President

George Carleton serves as a Vice President at Anubis Advisors and an Executive Managing Director at Island Capital Group, where he leads the Real Estate Investment and Finance Group. He holds responsibility for overall portfolio management of Island Capital’s three debt-focused opportunity funds, including identifying and underwriting investment acquisition opportunities and formulating investment exit strategies for those funds.

Before joining Island Capital at its inception in 2003, George Carleton was a Senior Managing Director of Insignia Financial Group, Inc. He was responsible for the opportunity funds that invested primarily in securitized real estate debt. Carleton played an integral role in structuring and executing the securitization of billions of dollars of debt that was secured by real estate controlled by Insignia, including the first stand-alone securitized multi-family loan pool.

Prior to Insignia, George Carleton worked at Travelers Insurance for 12 years and was responsible for managing debt and equity real estate investments.

George Carleton earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Emory University, Florida Atlantic University and American University, where he majored in Chemistry, Finance/Accounting and Real Estate Development, respectively.